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Broke At 23, Multimillionaire At 40… Akin Alabi responds to a Twitter User Who CLaimed “If You’re Not A Millionaire At 23 You Can Never Be Again”


Akin Alabi has shared his personal grass-to-grace story to dispel the notion that one who doesn’t make millions of money at an early age can never make it again.

The entrepreneur/lawmaker said he was extremely broke at 23 but was a multimillionaire in Dollars by the time he was 40.

He said this while reacting to a Twitter user who wrote: “Fact: If you were not a millionaire at 23, you can never be a millionaire again.”

Akin Alabi responded: “My friend, I understand this could be a joke but you have to understand many people would not get the joke. They can take you seriously. I was extremely broke at 23. At 40, I was a multi-millionaire. IN DOLLARS.”

Previously, Akin Alabi had responded to another Twitter user who wrote: “You’ve failed as a guy, if you’re still broke at age 24.”

His reply to the guy reads: “What kind of nonsense is this, this early morning? At 24, I still relied on my mother to give me as little as N100.”

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