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Download Music/Lyrics: Brymo – Blackmail


Afrobeat Alternative Singer, Olawale Oloforo popularly known as Brymo finally releases his sixth studio compilation titled Yellow.

This sonorous collection is the auditory relief we need from this epidemic. His soothing voice and poetic lyrics defy national boundaries.

The ideal bridge for reflection and meditation, Download the album and swim in this ocean of musical bliss. Don’t forget to use a life sorry audio jacket.



This that and the other
And love is the disorder
I hear something
of which im certain
that you my lover
have the stone cold syndrome
lately you view
like someday i be new
All you’re only trying to prove
that i’ll choose you over them
you want to know everything
over and again
For you, this is love
this is how you should stay

this is blackmail
He change and he change
you give and you break
Oh ohhh blackmail

You pout and blushed
And we stutter
You Rocked my world like no other
And love is the captivity
That lovers chose
Seeing how you still love this fool
Like you do
Most times it feels
like your love is all for you
I’ll forever be yours
But you’re never truly mine
You want my love everyday
Over and again
but I want something in return
All your love to sustain me

this is blackmail
She change and she change
i give and i break
Oh ohhh blackmail

and it hurts and it hurts
it hurts so bad