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Download Music/Lyrics: Brymo – Strippers White Lines / Smart Monkey


Afrobeat Alternative Singer, Olawale Oloforo popularly known as Brymo finally releases his sixth studio compilation titled Yellow.

This sonorous collection is the auditory relief we need from this epidemic. His soothing voice and poetic lyrics defy national boundaries.

The ideal bridge for reflection and meditation, Download the album and swim in this ocean of musical bliss. Don’t forget to use a life sorry audio jacket.



all over the world i’ve known that
im still the kid from the ghetto
where im from, the tide is attached
and the people who really makes plans
for the morrow, when the whole town is
poor in their mind and the slavery
we chose we deny it foundation
we won’t survive
into splinter its shadows

oh what a night
Strippers and white lines
and fire to change the whole
Being alone was all i’d always known
from the pain was when my passion
flow and i borrowed when
i didn’t have my own. from the polity
folks who love to moan
Win upon win and I still can’t sleep
life always bring suffering, you see
These dreams are mine, they come alive
into nothing that it all falls down

oh what a night
Strippers and white lines
and fire to change the whole
oh what a night, it blooms and it withers
and die and there’s a fire to check ??

oh what a night
bitches and white wines

there’s a fire to check ??