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“I Thought He Was My Soulmate” – Young Lady Heartbroken After 4 Years Relatioship Crashes (video)


A young South African woman who had been dating her for four years took to TikTok to express her breakup story.

The 19-year-old said she thought he was her soulmate until he left her for someone else. She is devastated and frightened by the split.

She says she has been struggling with depression and at times feels very alone, but happily her mother has been so supportive.

She said she had to take a gap year to heal from the heartbreak, rather than study law in the university, and now she feels like she is wasting time by staying at home.

She posted a video of herself and wrote,

“I’m 19, I’m currently healing from a 4 year relationship with a guy I thought was my soulmate but ended up leaving me for someone else..

“This year I was supposed to be studying law but ended up taking a gap year which I’m really starting to hate. Everyday feels the same and i feel like wasting my last teenage years at home.! suffer from anxiety sometimes depression depending on my pmdd.

“Some days can be incredibly lonely and stressful but I’m happy when my moms here she’s truly the only person who keeps me going.”

Watch the video she shared below: