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INSECURITY: Buhari Improved Security In Nigeria – Femi Adeshina


Without the President’s involvement, according to President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, insecurity in Nigeria would have gotten worse.

In an interview that aired on Channels Television on Thursday, Adesina made this claim.

The spokesperson for the president stated that Nigeria’s security had significantly improved during the Buhari administration.

According to Adesina, Buhari surpassed the former President Goodluck Jonathan on security, because Nigeria’s Armed Forces moved from seventh to fourth place rating in Africa.

Adesina said Buhari made Nigeria safer in the past eight years of his administration.

He further explained that Nigeria’s insecurity would have been worse without Buhari’s intervention.

He said, “In 2014, Nigeria’s armed forces were rated seventh in Africa regarding combat readiness and equipment. Today, we are fourth because the President had spent a lot in equipping the military, training and moral boosting. 

“Our efforts were windless as, in 2015, the country had four or five serviceable aircraft. Do you know how many scores we have today, including Super Tucano and other sophisticated aircraft?

“In terms of arming the military, this administration has done well because if it did not, by now, Nigeria would have been overrun by so many insecurity challenges, banditry, insurgency and terrorism.

“Yes, it has done well because it would have been worse. As of 2015, how many bombs go off in Abuja daily? Could you go to church without being searched? Would you go to the recreational centre without a bomb detector being used on you? The recreation places were empty.

“You saw the last Sallah about a week ago; you saw durbar, horse riding and other celebrations, even in Borno,” he said.