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NBA Young Boy to stay on 24-hour lockdown and can’t have overnight guests while out on Bond.


NBA YoungBoy has been subjected to a 24-hour lockdown at his Utah residence, where he will be under house arrest until his trial. Federal Judge Shelly D. Dick set the conditions for YoungBoy’s release ahead of the trial on Wednesday, with the rapper not allowed to have any overnight visitors. 

While he can’t have more than three visitors in his home at a time, all visitors must be approved by a judge.

The order, which was obtained by The Shade Room, also says that the NBA YoungBoy will be subject to electronic location monitoring.

The NBA YoungBoy on Monday issued a $ 500,000 bail in Baton Rouge, where he was arrested in September 2020 on two federal charges, including possession of a firearm by a criminal.

A federal arrest warrant was issued for the young rapper, and he was arrested again in March while driving in the Los Angeles area and had been locked inside ever since.

After being denied bonds several times, YoungBoy finally experienced a victory in his case with his release.

According to the documents, other conditions for the NBA YoungBoy’s release include:

  • Do not break any laws while you are out on the bond.
  • Collaboration on the collection of a DNA sample.
  • Consult the court or preliminary investigation office or supervisor in writing before changing your residence or telephone number.
  • Attend the court as needed and surrender if you are sentenced to serve a sentence that the court may impose.
  • Travel limited to the Middle District of Louisiana and the District of Utah.
  • Maintain or actively seek work.
  • Cannot obtain a passport or other international travel document.
  • Avoid all contact with any victims or witnesses in the investigation.
  • No firearms or weapons.
  • No use or illegal possession of drugs or other controlled substances.
  • Must undergo testing for a prohibited substance if required by the Preliminary Investigation Officer or Supervisor.
  • Participate in substance abuse therapy and counseling if instructed by the feasibility study office or the supervisor.