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The World Is Running Out of Condoms Because of Coronavirus… As Company Stops Manufacturing!


Incase you’re planning to spend the next few weeks getting freaky freaky with your self-isolation partner or taking advantage of the many opportunities to have lunchtime cex, we’ve got bad news.

The world’s largest condom producer temporarily closed its doors

Coronavirus has already caused tens of thousands of businesses to close their doors, and now, the virus is coming after the condom factories.

That’s right, first no loo roll or pasta, and now no sex (unless you have access to other birth control measures, that is).

For the past week, the world’s biggest condom manufacturer, Karex Bhd in Malaysia – which makes one of every five condoms used across the globe – has been forced to close up shop.

Not a single condom has been produced by the company’s three factories.

With COVID-19 spreading at a rapid rate, and Malaysia suffering the worst in southeast Asia with 2,161 infections and 26 deaths so far, the government has, similarly to the UK, decided to impose a lockdown.