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10 Essential Tips For Upcoming Nigerian Artists To Propel Their Music Career… No One Will Teach You These For Free


In the dynamic world of music, emerging artists face numerous challenges as they strive to make their mark and establish a successful career.

At GQBuzz, we understand the tough conditions surrounding music success, hence we have compiled these ten principles that can help emerging artists navigate the competitive music industry with resilience, authenticity, and a strategic mindset, ultimately propelling their careers to new heights.

Here are ten crucial steps that can help propel an artist’s journey to greater heights:

Music First: Always prioritize the quality and authenticity of your music. Your craft should be the foundation of your career, so invest time and effort in honing your skills and creating compelling music that resonates with your audience.

Use Social Media, Don’t Let It Use You: Social media is a powerful tool for artists to connect with fans and promote their work. However, it’s essential to use it intentionally and avoid getting lost in the distractions. Craft a strategic online presence that reflects your brand and engages your followers.

Remove Ego: Success in the music industry often requires humility and a willingness to learn and adapt. Be open to feedback and constructive criticism, as these can be valuable for your growth as an artist.

Focus on Connections, Not Numbers: Building genuine relationships within the music industry and with your fans is more valuable than having a large but disengaged following. Nurture connections that can support your journey and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

Promote Your Music: In today’s saturated music landscape, simply creating great music isn’t enough. Invest in promoting your work, whether through digital marketing, music videos, or live performances. Go the extra mile to ensure your music reaches a wider audience.

Never Stop Learning: The music industry is ever-evolving, so commit to continuous learning. Stay updated on industry trends, production techniques, and marketing strategies. Knowledge is infinite, and staying informed will keep your music fresh and relevant.

Network Authentically: Networking is essential for growth, but it’s crucial to be authentic in your interactions. Build meaningful connections with industry professionals, fellow artists, and fans who share your passion and vision.

Own Your Data: Digital streaming platforms (DSPs) play a significant role in music distribution. However, remember that these platforms can change or disappear. Maintain control over your data, including your fan mailing list and social media accounts, to safeguard your career.

Stay Humble: No matter how big or successful you become, always remain approachable and responsive to your fans and peers. Genuine engagement and humility can foster stronger connections and support.

Find Happiness in the Journey: While setting and achieving milestones is important, it’s equally crucial to derive satisfaction and joy from the creative process itself. Embrace the highs and lows of your musical journey, as these experiences shape your growth as an artist.

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