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6ix9ine to Record New Albums During Home Confinement


Less than 24 hours after walking out of a federal prison, 6ix9ine is already plotting his return.

The rapper was released from a Queens Detention Facility to home confinement on Thursday to serve the remaining four months of his 24-month sentence because of his asthma, which puts him at greater risk for COVID-19.

But just because he’s at home, doesn’t mean he can’t return to work. His lawyer Dawn Florio tells Complex that he is allowed to release music during confinement. Florio also confirmed reports that 69 had resigned with his label 10K Projects and plans to release a new English album as well as a Spanish project.

“What he’s gonna do is, he already has that advance for 10K Projects,” said Florio. “So he has to put out a Spanish album and an English album. So that’s what he’s going to be working on.”

He plans to start recording ASAP. “He already got an advance for all those millions of dollars,” said Florio. “So he’s gotta put out those two albums as soon as possible.”

His team is now working to coordinate the logistics while ensuring his safety. “We were actually trying to figure out the logistics of how that’s going to work,” she revealed. “It’s more difficult because of the coronavirus, because you don’t want strange people coming in to set up a studio where he’s going to be.”

And don’t be surprised to see Tekashi back on social media sooner than later. “So far, I haven’t seen any restrictions about him not being able to go on social media,” said his lawyer, adding that there is one condition. “Obviously, it has to be in good taste. No more trolling.”

Tekashi released his debut Dummy Boy just days after he was arrested in November 2018. The album, which featured appearances from Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, and Tory Lanez, opened at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.