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Anupama starlife update Sunday 21 January 2024


Anupama starlife update Sunday 21 January 2024: Today on January 21, 2024, Anupama has a conversation with Kavya. She tells Kavya that she doesn’t want lectures on motherhood but suggests cherishing each moment with her baby because kids grow up quickly. The atmosphere turns lively when Pakhi announces it’s time for fun, and everyone, including the Shahs and Kapadias, dances to the tune of “Salam-e-Ishq.”

Anupama starlife update Sunday 21 January 2024

However, Pakhi and Adhik hesitate to dance together. Anupama expresses gratitude to Anuj for bringing her happiness, and Vanraj remarks on the perfection of the moment. The joy is interrupted when juice spills on Pakhi’s dress. She cleans up with Adhik following, and Leela observes the situation.

Meanwhile, Nakul expresses concern for MD, who has locked herself in her room. MD recalls Dimpy’s message about Kavya’s baby shower and reflects on her own baby shower and struggles. MD breaks down, and Adhik tries to talk to Pakhi.

Pakhi reveals she has been avoiding Adhik, questioning his fear of her joining Anuj’s office. Adhik accuses her of trying to trouble him and his sister, leading to a heated argument. Leela struggles up the stairs, and MD reflects on her past choices, choosing between her dream of becoming a dancer and her child. MD questions why women must make such sacrifices.

Adhik urges Pakhi not to join the office, but she insists on exposing their wrongdoings to Anuj. In the midst of the argument, Adhik slaps Pakhi. Shocked, she tries to retaliate. Seeing Leela enter, Adhik pretends to be the victim and convinces her not to tell Anupama. Anupama inquires about the situation, unaware of the conflict.

In a flashback, MD recalls her husband thanking her for their child, but she decides to prioritize her dance dreams over motherhood. Heartbroken, her husband offers to take care of their son to allow her pursuit of dance. Anupama senses something is wrong and questions Leela and Adhik, noticing Leela’s tears. Leela admits that something has happened.


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