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Bad News For Liverpool As Spanish FA Announce Their Title Intentions


Although most of the football authorities are still talking in a way which suggests every league campaign will be finished by the Summer, we have to acknowledge that it may not be possible.

That means that someone is going to need to decide what to do about league titles and relegation. Do we accept the current standings as the final standings, or declare the season null and void?

It’s not clear what will happen at this point, there’s not been any real direction from UEFA so it suggests that the whole footballing world is waiting for someone to speak up and set a precedent.

That may have happened in Spain, after AS reported that Barcelona will not be awarded the La Liga title if the campaign cannot be finished, so Liverpool fans may wonder what that means for them.

The main difference is Barca are only two points clear, so it would be a huge call to award them the title – whereas Liverpool have essentially won the league so you would be hard pushed to find any reasonable fan who thinks they shouldn’t win the league.

Hopefully we do find a way to finish the campaign so these kind of disputes don’t have to happen, but it seems everything is in limbo right now.

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