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BEWARE! Why Everyone Should Be Careful With Food And Drink Selection At Parties


Igunbor Sarah, the Senior Special Assistant on Digital Media to the Governor of Edo State, has offered a piece of advice regarding food and drinks at parties and special occasions.

She recommends that every Nigerian be cautious when it comes to selecting their meals and beverages expecially at public outings.

Sarah suggests that if possible, it’s wise to choose food and drinks at random from those not specifically assigned to you.

Her advice stems from a concern about potential risks, emphasizing the need to be vigilant and careful, as human intentions can be unpredictable.

“Be very selective of food and drink assigned and brought to you in parties and special occasions. If you can, pick food and drinks randomly from the ones which aren’t meant for you if you must eat or drink. The wickedness of Man knows no bound. Be Careful for Nothing,” she wrote.