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Checkout 9 African Presidents With The MOST EXPENSIVE Private JETS… Number 1 Is Unbelievable


Below are the 9 most expensive Private Jets owned by African Presidents

9. Angola’s presidential jet (Embraer ERJ-135)

This plane is said to cost about $16 million. It has a 2 x Rolls Royce engine which has a power

of 7400 lbf. The plane has a maximum cruising speed of 834 km/h. In 2015, the Angolan president ordered a Bombardier inc Globa 6000 jet which reportedly costs about $60 million.

8. Kenya’s presidential jet

The president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta flies a customized Fokker 70 that seats just 25 passengers. It was reportedly acquired back in 1995 just two years after manufacture and costs about $20 million. This fuel-efficient jet boasts a cruising speed of up to 845 km/h.

7. Ghana’s presidential jet (Falcon 900 Ex Easy)

This three-engine supersonic jet can stay airborne for 13 hours. It reportedly cost $37 million. It was one of only two trijets in the Falcon aircraft series (the other is the sister-jet, the Falcon 7X.) It is outfitted with improved avionics and TFE731-60 engines. Its cruising speed is 950 kilometres per hour and it can max out at 0.87 Mach speed

6. Egypt’s presidential plane (AirBus A340)

The Egyptian president flies an Airbus A340 that features military security protection to keep the president safe on air. The luxurious plane has a wingspan of 63.45 meters (over 200 feet) and is 75 meters long (around 246 feet).

5. Algeria’s presidential plane (A340-500)

The government of Algeria operated an Airbus A340-500 in 2015. This gigantic private jet runs on four engines and is customized to cater to the presidents luxury needs. It has a private bedroom, a fully equipped shower room and high-quality finish. It can last airborne for up to 14 hours.

4. Nigeria’s presidential jet (Boeing 737)

The Nigerian president flies a Boeing 737 called Eagle One and is marked NAF-001. It contains a master bedroom, washrooms and showers, a conference and dining area, and a living area. It is reportedly larger than three domestic airlines combined. The plane can spend 12 hours in the air, covering around 11,480 km, or 6,200 nautical miles. While usually, the price of this plane is around $78.3 million, customized presidential Boeing 737 costs not less than $100 million.

3. Zimbabwe’s presidential jet (Boeing 767)

The president of Zimbabwe flies Boeing 767 that can fly 858 km/h and is said to be one of the most expensive on Africa’s soil. It has plush interiors that make it fit for royalty and reportedly cost about $400 million

2. Libya’s presidential jet (A340)

The government of Libya operated an Airbus A340-200 and a Dassault Falcon 900EX in 2015. The A340-200 is commonly known as Afriqiyah One and has luxurious rooms, bedroom, showers, DVD players and a private kitchen. This plane boasts 4 engines and two class cabin configuration with an 850 km/h max speed. It reportedly cost an estimated $411 million.

1. Morocco King’s plane (Boeing 747-400)

The King of Morocco flies a Boeing 747 which reportedly costs about $450 million. The plane can accommodate 660 passengers and a four-engine wide-body layout for an unparalleled flying experience. The plane has two decks, the main deck and the upper deck. The main deck has meeting rooms, a private cinema hall and a spacious play area while the upper deck has pool tables and five private sleeping rooms.

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