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Comedian Sabinus Was Asked Why He Cut His Hair And This Was His Response… You Can’t Watch This With A Straight Face [Video]


Renowned skit maker, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, widely recognized as Sabinus or Mr Funny, recently revealed the rationale behind his choice to bid farewell to his iconic dreadlocks, which had been his signature look for many years.

Sabinus, a figure synonymous with his distinctive, long black dreads, surprised his fans by adopting a clean-shaven, low-cut hairstyle.

During an interview, he openly shared the motivation behind this significant change. He explained that he had carried his dreadlocks for an extended period, and they had gradually transformed into a considerable burden for him. He likened them to an obstruction that had begun to hinder his ability to think clearly.

Furthermore, Sabinus pointed out that it was the low-cut style that had initially accompanied his rise to fame. It was only after attaining stardom that he transitioned to the dreadlocks that had become so closely associated with his identity.

Watch the video below:

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