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Coronavirus: 21 Y/O Nurse Writes Down Her Will… As She Treats Patients Who Tested Positive


A 21 y/o Irish nurse who works frontline fighting Coronavirus in Ireland has revealed she has written her will over fears she could die from the disease. 

The healthcare worker, Kate O’Flaherty said she has told her boyfriend where to find the will incase she contracts the disease. 

In an open letter, the 21-year-old from Dublin wrote: ‘If you’re finding it hard to put yourself in the shoes of healthcare workers right now. I’ll try my best to paint you a picture – I wrote my will the other day.

‘I stashed it away in my room and told my boyfriend where it is in case anything happens to me on the frontline. I am 21.’

According to Sources, the healthcare worker must wait until after lockdown for two witness signatures which will validate the document.