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Coronavirus is the work of God punishing the US and Europe – Zimbabwe’s defence minister, Oppah Muchinguri


Zimbabwe’s defence minister, Oppah Muchinguri has made bizarre claims over coronavirus pandemic spreading around the World.

Speaking at a rally in the northern town of Chinhoyi over the weekend, Muchinguri described the virus as a “punishment” to the US and Europe for imposing sanctions on Zimbabwe since the early 2000s over alleged human rights abuses.

She said “Coronavirus is the work of God punishing countries who imposed sanctions on us. They are now staying indoors. Their economies are screaming just like they did to our economy.”

Muchinguri added that COVID-19 would teach US President Donald Trump that “he is not God”.

“They must feel the effects of coronavirus and understand our pain,” she added.

The United States and the European Union imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe’s high ranking officials during the regime of late ex-president Robert Mugabe

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