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#Covid-19: Nigerian Workers cry out over unhealthy treatment by Chinese boss


Nigerians working in Zungeru Hydro power dam, Niger State, are lamenting over the saddening work condition imposed on them by their Chinese boss.

According to reports, the hydro power dam which is supervised by Synohydro Power China, employs the services of more than 5 thousand Nigerian workers, and these workers are forced to go into trucks which should not carry more than 150 persons.

The workers who fear for their lives, especially in this trying period of coronavirus pandemic are begging Nigerians to spread the news of their travail, so they can get immediate help from either the government or other concerned bodies in the state.

Also, considering the fact that Niger State is close to Abuja which presently has a growing number of positive cases, the workers’ lives are certainly at risk if nothing is done to improve their working conditions.