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Criminal Gangs Control Eight LGA When I Took Office – Gov. Chukuma Soludo


The Anambra state governor, Chukuma Soludo has claimed that Eight Local government area of the state where under the control of criminal gangs when he took office.

This information was revealed by the governor of Anambra state at the Nigeria Governors’ Forum’s induction ceremony for newly elected governors on May 16 at the presidential residence in Abuja.

Said Soludo;

“I think for those of us who are governors and the governors-elect, a major concern that we need to get onto is the national security architecture.

“How do we hope to survive in a dysfunctional system because the architecture is dysfunctional?”

“And it is such an architecture that the problems we face are very local, requiring our local actions, but the instrument is out there.”

“The other thing is funding in the whole architecture. The federal government, which has a near monopoly on these agencies, cannot fund them.”

“And then they have to foist on the states to be the ones to provide the funding but which is also not a very accountable system.”

“For me, I’m just a one-year-old baby on the job. Before I assumed office, it was so clear to me about the nature of the functionality and how we must cope to survive.”

“We got to revive and recreate our state strike force vigilante service which had become awesome in terms of their work and then set up approaches to the non-kinetic approaches by calling on all those in the bush.”

“Because when I assumed office, eight local governments in Anambra were totally under siege taken over by these hoodlums in the bushes, criminals, kidnappers and so on masquerading under the guise of agitation and all of that.”

On what his government has done to address agitations in the state, Soludo said; 

“And part of what we had to do very decisively with a multilateral approach, was to challenge the thesis.”

“The main argument that was fueling people hiding under this agitation was to commit all kinds of criminality.”

“We have to call them out as plain criminals, kidnappers who are kidnapping for ransom. And until that was called out, you can’t solve a problem you haven’t identified.”

“We set up what we’ll call the truth, justice, and peace commission. We had even a security trust fund which mobilises the masses and well-meaning individuals donating very massively to it. We launched an operation getting everybody involved.“