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Davido’s Lawyer Drops Bombshell… He’s the Reason Artists Now Empty Their Pockets for Music Videos!


A recent revelation from Prince II, a close friend and lawyer to Davido, has sparked quite a bit of reaction and drama on social media.

Prince II, known for his close association with Davido, recently made a bold and matter-of-fact statement that set the online community buzzing.

He claimed that Davido played a pivotal role in inspiring many of Nigeria’s beloved artists to make substantial investments in their music videos.

According to Prince II, when Davido began pouring significant resources into the production of his music videos, it caught the attention of others in the music industry, leading them to follow suit.

He stated that Davido’s commitment to high-quality music video production served as a catalyst for a significant shift in the Afrobeats industry, inspiring fellow artists to elevate their music video standards.

In his words; “Davido is the reason a lot of our faves started spending quality money on dope music videos in the Afrobeats industry. A little research goes a long way:”

This statement by Prince II ignited discussions and debates among music enthusiasts and fans.