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Diepe Waters Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers


Diepe Waters Full Story, Plot Summary, Episodes, Casts, Teasers: “Deep Waters” is a captivating tale about families striving for success, facing challenges that make staying afloat a real struggle.

The story unfolds in a close-knit community centered around the Swartmarlyne, an upscale swimming club owned by the Swarts family. This show falls into the Soap & Telenovela genre and was launched in 2022. It’s recommended for viewers aged 13 and older, holding a 13VL rating from the FPB.

The plot follows the ups and downs of the community as they navigate through various challenges in their pursuit of success. Join in to discover the twists and turns, as the characters go to great lengths to achieve their goals. Dive into the world of “Deep Waters” to experience a rollercoaster of emotions and drama with an engaging cast.

Deep Waters Profile Summary

TitleDeep Waters
Plot SummaryA tale of families striving for success, despite the challenges of staying afloat.
SettingCentered around the Swartmarlyne, an upscale swimming club owned by the Swarts family.
GenreSoap & Telenovela
Release Year2022
Age Rating13VL (Suitable for viewers aged 13 and up, as rated by the FPB)


Justin Strydom:

Justin Strydom Profile Summary

Name Justin Strydom
Known ForActing
Known Credits13

Justin Strydom Career:

Justin Strydom is a talented actor, producer, writer, and voice artist from South Africa. Many people know him for his role as Captain Leon Cutts in the M-Net TV series “Snitch” from 2004 to 2007.

He learned acting at Pretoria Technikon and now heads the drama department at the AFDA School for Motion Pictures.

Beyond entertainment, Justin brings a unique blend of skills and experiences. He was once a lieutenant in the armed forces, specializing in anti-tank and small arms. He’s also skilled in Latin and Ballroom dancing, horse riding, motorbikes, quad bikes, boxing, Shotokan (unarmed defense), military special weapons, MC (Master of Ceremonies), and on-screen coaching.

Justin Strydom has an impressive TV portfolio, appearing in shows like “Egoli,” “Zero Tolerance,” “Generations,” “Jozi Streets,” “Scandal!,” “Song vir Katryn,” “The Res,” “Villa Rosa,” “7de Laan,” and “Binnelanders.”

In the world of movies, he’s been part of productions like “Sibahle,” “Stander,” “Scarred Instinct,” and “Angela and Boereoorloe.”

On stage, Justin has showcased his theatrical talents in plays such as “Please Tell Us…,” “Love, Valour, Compassion,” “White Men in Buckets,” “Vettie-Vettie,” “Judas Kiss,” “Death of a Salesman,” “Dubbel en Dwars,” and “Dis Nie Teen Stande.”

Justin Strydom’s diverse career has made a significant impact in various areas of the entertainment industry.

Nadia Valvekens

Nadia Valvekens Profile Summary

Full NameNadia Valvekens
Date of Birth5th March 1982
Place of BirthPretoria

Nadia Valvekens Career

In 2003, Nadia Valvekens started her career as a presenter on SABC2. Later on, she transitioned into acting, taking on small roles in various South African production companies.

Her big break came in November 2004 when she landed the role of Nicole Kannemeyer on “7de Laan.” The following year, in 2005, she portrayed the character of Pippa Venter in “Binnelanders,” a role that brought her into the spotlight.

Since then, Nadia Valvekens has been a familiar face on screens, appearing in numerous seasons, dramas, and movies. Her consistent presence has firmly established her in the South African entertainment industry.

Lea Vivier

Lea Vivier Profile Summary

NameLea Vivier
Date of Birth15 January 1992
NationalitySouth African
Notable Works– Leading role in Showmax original series “Dam” (2021)[2]

Lea Vivier Career

Even though she had a notable presence in theater productions, including some featured at the National Arts Festival, Vivier’s venture into screen acting began with her role in the movie “Wonderlus,” directed by Johan Cronje. Her portrayal of the unnamed waitress in the film not only earned her the Best Actress award at the Silwerskerm Film Festival in 2017 but also garnered her a nomination for Best Actress at the Winter Film Awards.

The following year, Vivier embraced the role of Louisa in the short film “Runner,” a performance that led to her receiving the Best Actress in a Short Film accolade at the Five Continents International Film Festival Award in April 2018. This achievement marked a significant milestone in her emerging career in the world of cinema.

Lizz Meiring

Lizz Meiring Profile Summary

Full NameLizz Meiring
Date of BirthDecember 9, 1961
Place of BirthPretoria, South Africa

Lizz Meiring Career

Meiring embarked on her professional journey in theater and television productions during her first year as a drama student. In 1983, she earned her B.A. Drama (Honors) degree from the University of Pretoria. Throughout the years, her versatile talents have taken her into the realms of voice-over and radio work for the SAUK. Notably, she has also assumed hosting roles for the Truk ballet company.

As a drama student, Meiring showcased her skills in TV productions at the SAUK and graced the stage in productions at Truk. This illustrates her unwavering dedication to both the stage and screen in the world of entertainment.


  • Eloise Cupido
  • Tracey-Lee Oliver
  • Danielle Swanepoel
  • Liam Bosman
  • Liam Bosman
  • Reze-Tiana Wessels
  • Reze-Tiana Wessels
  • Stiaan Bruwer
  • Stiaan Bruwer
  • Reandi Grey
  • Johnny Potsanyane
  • Stephanie Baartman-Buthelezi
  • Neels van Jaarsveld
  • Jean Henry
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