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Explosive Clash Between Pere and Alex Shakes Up Big Brother Naija All Stars House [Video]


In the latest episode of Big Brother Naija All Stars, tensions flared between housemates Pere and Alex, leading to a near-violent confrontation this morning.

The dispute ignited following the Saturday night party when Alex placed some coins on a bed that previously belonged to the evicted houseguest, Prince. Pere, looking for a place to sleep, expressed his desire to occupy the same bed, but Alex adamantly refused, asserting that she had already claimed it with her coins.

What followed was a heated argument as both housemates fiercely debated their rights to the bed, with the exchange of insults adding fuel to the fire. Matters escalated when Pere, in frustration, physically lifted the bed and moved it, with Alex still on it. This action left Alex seething with anger, and she moved toward Pere, only to be restrained by another housemate, Soma. Pere, undeterred, challenged her to strike him as the argument continued over the bed.

As tensions reached a boiling point, Big Brother intervened, calling Pere into the diary room to defuse the situation and restore calm within the house.
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