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Gerard Piqué Admits He Listens To His Ex Shakira’s Track About Their Bitter Breakup But Refuses To Talk About It


Gerard Piqué, Shakira’s ex, has acknowledged listening to a song she called a “diss track” that seems to make fun of him and his new girlfriend.

The football player was appearing on RAC1 when he was questioned about Shakira’s song No. 1 TQG, which contains crude lyrics about her ex-boyfriend and his current girlfriend.

By stating, “I’m worth two 22’s,” Shakira makes it abundantly clear that she is talking to Clara Chia, 23, whom Gerard is said to have started dating last year before they broke up. A Ferrari was exchanged for a Twingo. Your Rolex was exchanged for a Casio.

Gerard Piqu

Appearing on the El món’ program on RAC1 this week, Gerard was asked if he had heard the song, reports.

‘Yes, obviously,’ the ex-soccer player replied, before adding: ‘I don’t want to talk about it’.

Referring to the two children he shares with Shakira, he continued: ‘We have a responsibility, those of us who are parents must protect our children. Each one makes their decisions. I don’t feel like talking anymore. I just want my children to be well.’

‘I have always had a close relationship with my children. Nothing makes me happier than making my son happy.’

‘Each one makes the decisions that he believes are the best. I do things in a certain way, I try to do it in the best way. I am fine, happy.’