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Girl Reaction Got People Talking After Her Mom Receive Note Complimenting Her Beauty (Video)


A viral video of on a Social Media page got people talking after a man was seen passing a note to a lady with her two beautiful daughters.

The beautiful lady with the kids read the note which say ” I now see where your kids got their beauty from

The first girl in pink top reacted with a big smile and while the other with white dress reaction got people talking.

Lets know what you feel about the girl in white dress reaction. Comment and share

Watch video:

Jack the eagle: “The Second Girl Is Simply protective of Dad’s investment”

Walker said: “The second kis is definitely gonna tell their dad.”

Nancy C Said: “The girl in the orange dress tho, must be jovial.”

omodano said: “If I were the one, I’d tell the woman straight u re so beautiful n no say it indirectly.”

placidiaruth said: “The second daughter said no don’t toast my mum.”

KT’SSPICES said: “The second girl was ready to tear that paper if not for home training.”

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