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Reason Why Helmut The Forsaken Child Has People In A Chokehold


Helmut the Forsaken Child stands out with its compelling plot and captivating writing style, making it a manga worth exploring. This manga boasts some of the most intriguing characters, which comes as no surprise given its popularity.

Reason Why Helmut The Forsaken Child Has People In A Chokehold

The story of Helmut revolves around a baby boy abandoned in the sinister forest of Pahe. This forest is no ordinary place; it’s where society banishes its sinners and where merciless beasts reside.

Fortunately, Helmut’s fate takes a turn when he encounters a magical beast and a banished swordsman who adopt him as their own. As he grows, he is compelled to learn the ways of the sword to combat a dark presence within him, determined not to succumb to its darkness.

Summary of Helmut the Forsaken Child

Born and abandoned in the malevolent forest, Helmut’s early life is marked by encounters with mythical creatures and an absence of human contact until he crosses paths with Sword Saint Darien. This encounter profoundly shapes his destiny.

Despite spending his formative years with a beast, Helmut strives to become more human. Despite his good looks, exceptional swordsmanship, and high intelligence, he faces the challenge of retaining his humanity.

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Reading “Helmut the Forsaken Child

This captivating manga is easily accessible on various manga platforms, making it even more appealing. It’s available for free online, allowing readers to enjoy the story without spending money. However, for those who prefer the tactile experience of flipping through pages, some bookstores offer physical copies.

Number of Episodes

Since its debut in 2022, the manga has released one season consisting of 41 episodes. Unfortunately, production is currently on hold due to setbacks.

Where Can I Read or Get Helmut The Forsaken Child

Hit the link to Read and Download the Full Helmut The Forsaken Child Chapters

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