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I Love Him, But He Lives In 1-Room Apartment – Nigerian Lady Cries Out


A Nigerian lady has taken to the internet to seek for advice after finding out that her boyfriend whom she loves wholeheartedly, stays in a 1-room apartment.

In her post on Nairaland, the lady stated that she initially wanted to quit the relationship but he has been so caring and her love for him grows by the day.

She is currently confused on the next decision to take as he doesn’t really have any concrete plan to leave the 1-room apartment.

She wrote:

“Since I started dating, I’ve never met a man like this. So caring, cute, neat, hygienic, generous but unfortunately, he doesn’t have much but the little he has, he’ll spend on you and make you feel like a queen.

He stays in one room face me I face u. Initially, when I found out, I said I was going to quit but the love he showed me was so overwhelming and I couldn’t quit. He said he’s making plans to move out and he won’t be renewing his rent in may. I agreed.

I fell in love with him too and became comfortable with his room but I made it clear that I will never pass the night at his place. You know how love can be blind, I found myself pass the night once and again and again then I asked him about his plans to move out, how much does he have at hand to rent a new place because I was secretly planning to support him with some money to add and he said he doesn’t have up to 30k. I was angry and so dissapointed at him.

Right now I’m thinking the whole thing over. I don’t think I can continue. Please advise me”



  1. Hayour

    March 30, 2020 at 10:11 am

    If u truly love him, his apartment has nothing to do with the love. Things can only get better. Wise up dear. Nobody knows tomorrow….

  2. Whykay

    March 30, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    Nobody no 2morrow and money is nt love, you may be his helper just make him up to ur test

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