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“I Totally Believe in Miracles; I Know I Will Be Pregnant One Day” – Bobrisky Reveals


Bobrisky has shown unwavering optimism about the possibility of becoming a mother, dismissing the skeptics who assert that he doesn’t possess a womb and therefore can’t get pregnant.

Taking to Instagram, the socialite candidly shared his yearning to hold his own biological child, conceived within his own womb.

In his heartfelt message, Bobrisky expressed his hope that one day he would experience the joys of motherhood, just like biological females do.

Bobrisky further underlined his determination to disregard the naysayers who insist that he cannot conceive because of the absence of a womb.

Bobrisky said:

“I keep believing everyday i wakeup that I’m gonna get pregnant one day. I’m not believing that sht people say you don’t have a womb you cant be pregnant lies. Miracle can happen cos d way my boyfriend knack me damn i would have had like 12 kids”

His bold statement exemplifies his strong belief in his own journey and aspirations, while also challenging conventional norms and expectations.