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Is Drake Gay? See Hard Facts On Drake’s Sexuality 


Drake’s sexuality has caught the attention of many people. People are wondering, “Is Drake gay?” This question has been circulating on social media due to rumors and speculation, and Drake himself has played a part in these rumors.

Is Drake Gay
Is Drake Gay – GQBuzz

In his song with Lil Baby, called ‘Girls Want Girls,’ Drake made a statement in a humorous way about being a lesbian. This statement sparked a lot of false rumors about his sexuality, leading people’s imaginations to run wild.

Another factor contributing to these rumors is that one of Drake’s signed artists, iLoveMakonnen, came out as gay. However, this shouldn’t really affect how we view Drake’s own sexuality. Here’s some basic information about Drake:

Drake Biography:

  • Name: Aubrey Drake Graham
  • Age: 36
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: October 24, 1986
  • Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Father: Dennis Graham
  • Mother: Sandi Graham
  • Children: Adonis Mahbed Graham

Is Drake Gay?

The simple answer is: No, Drake is not gay. Despite all the rumors, he has only been in romantic relationships with women. He had a major crush on Nicki Minaj, and he had a significant romantic relationship with Rihanna.

There were even speculations about whether he was dating Jennifer Lopez after a picture of them hugging went viral. Whenever there were scandals involving his relationships, they were always with women. He briefly dated and had a child with French singer Sophie Brussaux.


What Started the ‘Is Drake Gay’ Rumors?

The rumors started because of Drake’s song ‘Girls Want Girls‘ and his ability to be playful with his words. While the song itself raised questions, his addition of playful language made it even more confusing.

Back in 2019, Teyana Taylor expressed her belief that Drake might be gay. Despite his public relationships with women, some of his lyrics suggested otherwise.

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Drake’s Relationship with the LGBTQ Community

Although Drake is not a member of the LGBTQ community, he doesn’t have any animosity towards them. He supports and respects them, and he even collaborates with them in his work.

For instance, the well-known LGBTQ member Big Freedia appeared in the music video for Drake’s hit song ‘In My Feelings’ and was featured in ‘Nice for What.’ Additionally, Drake has an artist under his label, iLoveMakonnen, who is openly gay.