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My Desire Starlife: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary & Teasers


My Desire Starlife: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary & Teasers: Introduction: On June 9th, 2022, the much-anticipated series “My Desire Starlife” hit the screens, taking over from the popular show “Dream Girl.” This new show dives into the lives of two strangers, Preesha and Rudraksh, whose worlds unexpectedly collide due to a surprising twist of fate.

My Desire Starlife: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary & Teasers

Synopsis: Preesha’s world revolves around her son, Saaransh, while Rudraksh is a carefree and insensitive rockstar. However, their paths cross in an unexpected way, sparking the potential for a new chapter in both of their lives. Stay tuned for the unfolding drama

Desire Starlife Details

First Episode9 June 2022
Total number of episodes655
Total numbers of the seasonTwo
ChannelStarLife Africa
NetworkStar Plus TV
Original nameYeh Hai Chahatein
Tele CountryIndian
Last EpisodeNil
Time SlotMonday – Sunday 6 pm (CAT)

My Desire Starlife Details


“My Desire Starlife” chronicles the journey of Preesha, a devoted single mother who has played the roles of both a mother and a father in raising her son, Saraansh.

The story kicks off with Preesha on the brink of marrying Yuvraj. However, Yuvraj’s true intentions revolve around gaining control of Saraansh’s trust fund. Saraansh, the son of Preesha’s late sister Mahima and the elder brother of Rudraksh’s sibling, Rajeev, becomes the focal point of a complex plot. Preesha, believing Mahima to be deceased, took Saraansh under her care. The plot thickens when Preesha becomes a suspect in Rajeev’s murder, leading to Rudraksh marrying her as part of a revenge scheme. However, Rudraksh soon discovers Preesha’s innocence and starts developing genuine feelings for her, forming a sincere bond with Saraansh as his own child.

As their love story unfolds, Mahima resurfaces, wreaking havoc as she attempts to regain control of Saraansh for financial gain. Joining forces with Yuvraj, they make life challenging for Preesha and Rudraksh. Despite the odds, the clever duo manages to outsmart Mahima, leading to her arrest.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn with the entrance of Sulochana, Rudraksh’s mother, and her son, Kabir. Motivated by a desire for the Khurana property, they are willing to manipulate Rudraksh’s emotions to achieve their ulterior motives. The stage is set for more twists and turns as the characters navigate through this gripping tale of love, deceit, and family dynamics.

“My Desire Starlife – The Complete Story”

“My Desire Starlife” unfolds the saga of Preesha Srinivasan, a devoted single mother, who takes care of her nephew, Saransh, after her sister Mahima’s demise during childbirth. Disliking Rudraksh “Rudra” Khurana, Saransh’s wealthy and love-resistant uncle, Preesha’s life takes a complicated turn.

The plot thickens when Yuvraj, Preesha’s lawyer friend, feigns love for her to advance his career. Discovering Saransh’s connection to Rudra, Yuvraj blackmails him, leading to the murder of Rajeev. In a bid to protect Saransh, Preesha falsely confesses to the crime. In retaliation, Rudra marries Preesha, promising custody of Saransh. As Preesha is proven innocent, their relationship deepens, and genuine feelings emerge.

Facing challenges, the couple works together to find Saransh when he is kidnapped. Misunderstandings strain their bond, but they eventually confess their love and embark on a honeymoon. The return of Mahima adds new complications as she wins custody of Saransh, leading Preesha to pretend betrayal by marrying Yuvraj. Rudra agrees to marry Mahima, but Preesha confesses her love, and they expose Mahima’s schemes.

A surprising twist unfolds with the entry of Sulochana, Rudra’s mother, and her son, Kabir, who manipulate emotions for property gain. The narrative takes unexpected turns, involving an imposter, Rudra’s birth mother, and half-brother Kabir. The couple faces challenges with Ahana and Mishka, leading to a tumultuous journey involving marriages, kidnappings, and even a move to Goa.

The storyline takes a dramatic turn with Saransh and Mishka presumed dead, leading to Preesha and Rudra’s divorce. Preesha’s life takes a new direction with Armaan Thakur, but fate brings her back to Rudra. The couple faces further challenges, including misunderstandings, legal issues, and family drama.

Their journey continues with new characters, Venky’s reappearance, and the revelation of Dev’s death. Five years later, Preesha raises their daughter Ruhi, and Rudra is haunted by memories. The couple reunites but faces fresh misunderstandings. Yuvraj’s manipulations strain their relationship, but Ruhi becomes the bridge to their reconciliation.

As the story progresses, Preesha and Rudra navigate through family tensions, legal troubles, and personal challenges, striving to keep their love intact. The plot includes various twists, revelations, and comical moments, creating a rollercoaster of emotions for the characters and the audience.

Desire main cast

Sargun Kaur Luthra brings to life the character of Dr. Preesha Khurana in the series, portraying a dedicated gynecologist who is married to Rudraksh. As the mother of Ruhi and the aunt and adoptive mother of Saransh, Preesha is a compassionate and caring individual. Despite facing various challenges and being deeply affected by her sister’s passing, she remains committed to her work and bravely fights for her love with Rudraksh.

Abrar Qazi takes on the role of Rudraksh “Rudra” Khurana, a rockstar and Preesha’s husband. Initially perceived as spoiled and stubborn, Rudraksh is the father of Ruhi and the uncle and adoptive father of Saransh. As the story unfolds, viewers discover the challenges of his difficult childhood, marked by his father’s abuse. Despite his initial image, Rudraksh takes pride in his female fan following.

Swarna Pandey embodies the character of Ruhi Khurana, the daughter of Preesha and Rudraksh. As the cousin and adopted sister of Saransh, Ruhi adds a familial dynamic to the storyline.

Krish Chugh plays the role of Saransh Khurana, the son of Mahima and Rajeev. As the nephew and adopted son of Preesha and Rudraksh, as well as the cousin and adopted brother of Ruhi, Saransh’s character undergoes various stages in the story. Different actors, including Vidhaan Sharma, Yagya Bhasin, and Ali Dhuru, portray young Saransh at different points in the narrative. The intertwining relationships and individual struggles of these characters contribute to the intricate plot of the series.

My Desire Starlife Review:

The TV show “My Desire Starlife” delves into the challenges faced by Preesha, a single mother, highlighting the societal pressures that underscore her solo journey. Throughout the series, Preesha’s resilience is evident as she confronts various obstacles, with her enduring love for Saraansh serving as a central theme. However, the show falls short in delivering

In conclusion

“My Desire Starlife” unfolds a captivating tale of two individuals with starkly different personalities, whose paths unexpectedly cross. Preesha, a dedicated mother focused on her son Saaransh, stands in stark contrast to Rudraksh, a talented yet less sensitive rockstar.

The tragic events surrounding Venky’s murder become the catalyst for a fresh start, bringing these disparate characters together. The cast’s compelling performances breathe life into the narrative, and the show succeeds in keeping viewers engaged with gripping plot twists and intense moments.

The story skillfully depicts the idea that love can flourish amid chaos, illustrating the unlikely connection between two contrasting individuals. Teasers for the show hint at an even more thrilling journey ahead, making it a must-watch for fans of this genre. “My Desire Starlife” weaves a tale of unexpected connections and promises an exciting and captivating viewing experience.

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