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Naira Marley’s Instagram Followers Disappear Overnight Amidst Mohbad’s Controversy


Naira Marley has faced significant drop in social media followers amid controversy surrounding Mohbad’s death.

This sudden decrease in Naira Marley’s fan base is largely attributed to the controversies swirling around his perceived involvement in the untimely passing of fellow artist Mohbad.

The tragic circumstances of Mohbad’s death have cast a dark shadow over the Nigerian music scene, and Naira Marley’s connection to the situation has fueled widespread speculation and criticism.

The decline in Naira Marley’s follower count has been visibly evident, with his numbers dropping from 7.4 million to 7.3 million followers, and as of today, it stands at 7.2 million followers.

This downward trend suggests that Nigerians are actively unfollowing the artist, as a form of protest for his perceived involvement in the death of Mohbad.

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