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Nigeria Government Needs To Invest In Nollywood To Help Revive The Nigeria Economy… Actress Ini Edo


Veteran Nigerian actress Ini Edo has said that the entertainment industry will have a huge impact on the economy if the federal government gives it the attention and support it needs to thrive.

When questioned about her remark that Nigeria’s developmental issues may be found in the film industry, the actress responded as follows in an interview with The Punch.

She claimed that even while the entertainment sector generated the most money in the nation, it faced many difficulties, including a lack of enough public support and the proper institutions.

“It is one of the highest revenue generating industries in the country. It provides employment for millions of youths, not to mention the number of people taken off the street, and the huge investments.”

“If only the people (in leadership positions) understand what the Film industry can be to Nigeria’s economy, I think the government will see to it that the right structures are put in place, so that the sector can thrive.”

“It is one thing to see (potential); it is a different ball game to do something about it. Imagine me having a production like Shanty Town, and I had to fund it myself.”

“There was no support from anyone. The poor electricity supply is a problem, and the cost of production is very high.”

“There is no way that it favours one.I mentioned the government part of it. Another aspect is funding.”

“Funding seems to be a big challenge in the industry but I think things are changing because people can actually work up to one and say they want to invest (in the industry).”

“A couple of people have said that to me in recent times since Shanty Town was released.”

“What that means is that if we keep improving and growing as an industry, funding would become less of a challenge.”