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Nigerian Man Apologizes to His Wife Following Lesson He Learnt at Home During Coronavirus Lockdown


Adebayo Ireoluwa, who goes to work every day of the week, said he had no idea what his wife goes through or what it takes to manage a home until he stayed home for these few days.

He shared a photo of his daughter, who had emptied a jar of cream on herself and also on him while he slept, and narrated how his wife has been the one running around, trying to make her behave.

He said he’s exhausted already from it all and it “seems like he should faint.” He went on to apologize to his wife for not appreciating her efforts, adding that if he feels this way already, “how much more someone who is always home to put things in place.”

He wrote: “After this isolation or whatsoever, I’ll appreciate my wife the more,imagine my girl emptying a whole hair cream on herself and still coming to share me some in my sleep jeje, this innocent woman has shouted leave there more than 30 times in 5minutes,and me will just put on one yeye suit go out and come back home expecting to eat the meal and still eat the maker of the meal..

“Please, let’s appreciate our wives the more,they go though a lot in our absence…This few days at home seems like I should faint,how much more someone who is always home to put things in place. I tender an unreserved apology to my wife for my previous gragras and shakaras, it’s not easy. Thank you COVID19 for lessons taught.”