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Peter Obi And Other South-East Leaders Are Using Their People As Human Shield – Reno Omokri


Former aide to Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has called out both political and local leaders of Igbos for not speaking out against the atrocities been perpetrated by the IPOB in the South-East.

Reno Omokri condemned the killings and destructions going on in the South-East and also wants all the South-East leaders to do the same by speaking out against the IPOB group.

He said:

“One of the worst atrocities any leader can commit is using their own people as human shields during a real or imaginary conflict. And that is what is happening in the Southeast. Sadly, many Southeast elites, who are very vocal when a leaf drops in other zones, tolerate a situation in their region whereby someone sitting somewhere in Europe and possibly drinking champagne is destroying their geopolitical zone and thinking he is destroying Nigeria.”

“If this were happening in the Southwest, IPOBy Ezekwesili would have been shouting Okokobioko and dancing naked in the streets. Am I lying?”

“Of all geopolitical zones in Nigeria, the Southeast is the most dependent on other geopolitical zones. There are more people of Southeast origin living in other zones than there are people of other zones residing in the Southeast.”

“Most locally grown food consumed in that region comes from other zones. In terms of internally generated revenue, they have the second lowest, after the war-ravaged Northeast. They are completely landlocked and depend on either the South-South or Southwest zones for access to the sea.”

“And this is the same region that, rather than build bridges, is destroying those bridges that their ancestors, like the late great Nnamdi Azikiwe, Nwafor Orizu, and Alex Ekwueme, built and have allowed a non-intellectual push them to ‘punish’ the Federal Government by destroying their internal economy. How infernal.”

“Are you sure that by the time they finish ‘punishing’ Nigeria, even the Northeast may not have overtaken them economically?”

“And as the Southeast is being destroyed, Peter Obi is busy congratulating anybody who wins anything, no matter how mundane. If your child is about to graduate from nursery school, contact Peter Obi. He will ignore the crisis in his region and focus on congratulating your child.”

“Peter Obi only tweeted this morning (Thursday, July 13, 2023) after he was heavily criticised over his silence. And even his tweet focused on the recent insecurity in the North-central, rather than in his home zone.”