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President Tinubu Orders Recapture of Prison Escapees from 2021-2022


President Bola Tinubu has mandated the apprehension of prisoners who broke out from the nation’s correctional facilities between 2021 and 2022.


During a briefing in Abuja on Wednesday, the Interior Minister, Bunmi Tunji-Ojo, revealed that the president’s directive is to ensure the swift recapture of these escapees.

In the years 2021 to 2022, the country saw no less than seven prison breaks, resulting in a significant number of prisoners on the loose.

Out of these jailbreaks, over 4,000 prisoners, including those from the Kuje, Kogi, Jos, Abologo, Owerri, Okitipupa, and Oko facilities, remain unaccounted for.

Following his review of the Nigerian Immigration Service and Nigerian Prisons Service, the minister affirmed the commitment to adhere strictly to the president’s directive regarding the escaped prisoners.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the Nigerian Prisons Service will partner with other security forces in the nation to ensure the return of these escapees.

Tunji-Ojo said, “The president has given us a matching order and it involves recapturing the fleeing inmates. We will work with other security agencies to achieve this. We will work round the clock so that they are back from wherever they are. We will ensure that the ones inside do not go out.”

He also said acts of sabotage would not be tolerated from prison officers.

Tunji Ojo said:  “We will also not tolerate sabotage such as negligence of duty among others. We are ready to show the door to whoever wants to sabotage.”

Earlier, at the Nigeria Immigration Service, the minister vowed to review all existing agreements to improve the efficiency of the service.

He said he would set up a team who would do the review, adding that those agreements were holding the Service back in actualising its mandates.

“Any agreements (entered into by NIS) that are holding us back as a nation must go. I will set up a team to look into this. ”

Tunji-Ojo stressed the need to reduce the waiting period to get an international passport, lamenting that Nigerians spend months to get the document.

He lamented that his daughter was delayed for six months before she could get her passport.

“My daughter waited for six months to get her passport booklet. I was a House committee on NDDC chairman, I faced this, tell me what an average Nigerian will face. It’s like we are waiting for a passport to heaven. ”

He also directed that Nigerians seeking to obtain international passports must be treated with respect, especially those in foreign countries.

Tunji-Ojo specifically said personnel at the London passport office must heed his directive.

He said:  “A passport is a right and not a privilege. Nigerians anywhere they are especially those outside the shores of the country must be treated with respect.

”Those in the London Immigration office must improve its services and accord Nigerians maximum respect while seeking travel documents. Our citizens wherever they are must be proud of who they are.”