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Rape: Social Media Influencer Sansa And Tife Settle Out Of Court


Influential Twitter users Tife and Sansa, who were involved in a rape scandal in 2020, withdrew their lawsuit and reached an out-of-court settlement.

Tife and Sansa were formerly a well-known Twitter pair who openly displayed their affection, according to LIB. However, events changed, and in January 2020 they decided to go their own ways.

Later, they used Twitter to criticize one another. Things deteriorated so quickly, and Sansa accusing Tife of rape was the last straw. She also charged him with posting pictures of her naked online. Read this.

Following the accusation, a legal dispute erupted between the ex-lovers.

Well, it appears that everything is in the past now, as they have settled out of court.

In a statement both parties signed in May 2022 and released today November 10, 2022, the former lovebirds said they decided to settle out of court in the interest of their ”personal and professional lives.”

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