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Residents Flee Katsina Community Due To Clash Between Police And Youths Over Coronavirus Ban


Kusada town in Katsina State was deserted on Sunday as many residents were reported to have fled to avoid being arrested in connection with Saturday’s riot during which one person lost his life while a police station, the divisional police officer official quarters and seven vehicles, as well as 10 motorcycles, were burnt.

Many houses and shops were locked on Sunday while streets in the town remained deserted.

It was observed that only women, children and sick men were those still seen around the town, although security was beefed up around the burnt police station.

The Katsina State police commissioner, Sanusi Buba, however, said those found to be innocent among those arrested would be released.

He warned that those who took part in the Saturday’s riot and were still at large would soon be arrested.

The CP, who was in the town on Sunday to inspect the extent of damage during the riot, said the rioters had no justification for attacking the police formation.

He said, “The riot was unfortunate. The rioters have no justification at all for attacking the police formation and causing all these damages. The police were only carrying out the government order that prohibited large gatherings for now to avoid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The governor who gave the order meant well for the people of the state as he does not want the disease to be spread in the state. His Excellency meant well for the well-being of people of the state.

“We are only obeying government directive and why should we be attacked.

“Although we have arrested about 100 so far, but as we separate the chaff from the wheat, those found to be innocent among the suspects would be released. Let me, however, warn those who participated in the riot and are still at large to submit themselves to authority as if we don’t get them today, we shall get them tomorrow. They can only run but they cannot hide for long.”

A member of the Federal House of Representatives representing Kusada/ Kankia constituency, Yahaya Kusada, who was also seen in the town on Saturday, decried the damage, and urged police not to spare the culprits.