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Seyi shay shared 10 important lessons life has taught her


Seyi Shay has listed 10 amazing lessons life has taught her ahead of her 37th birthday on Wednesday, December 21

The single mother of one who resumed her social life weeks ago since the birth of her daughter via her verified Instagram page on Monday, December 19,also penned down what she’s thankful for

Sheyi stated that people should prioritize their mental health and peace of mind above their career. This is because someone’s health and peace of mind is more important than the person’s career

She added that people should be comfortable with others not liking them. This is because most of those who don’t like them, don’t like their own self

In Sheyi Shay’s words;
“Life hacks I’ve now learned in my ‘30something’ years on earth:

1. Even when you trust someone, keep somethings to yourself
2. Your mental health and peace is more important than your career will ever be
3. Be ok with people not liking you, most people don’t even like themselves (they just can’t admit it)
4. Being misunderstood can be fixed
5. Drink loads of water
6. Eat home cooked food/ learn to cook
7. Exercise regularly
8. Let God talk to you for a change, meditate
9. Stay away from toxic people and things
10. Forgive your past, yourself and others.”