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HOT! Soete Wraak Teasers November 2023


Soete Wraak Teasers November 2023: On Sunday, November 5, 2023, something big is happening in Episode 63. Sinan is on a mission to convince Pelin that their destinies are linked. But lurking in the shadows is the mysterious Ruzgar, making us wonder if he’ll just watch Pelin’s world fall apart.

Soete Wraak Teasers November 2023

In Episode 64, Sinan returns, and it stirs up a lot of feelings and doubts among the characters. Meliha is in for an emotional reunion, and Baris is dealing with the anticipation of whether Pelin will feel the same way about him. Don’t miss it!

Soete Wraak Teasers Details

NameSoete Wraak
October Episodes63- 70
Latest releaseNovember 2023

Soete Wraak Teasers November 2023

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Episode 63

Sinan finally figures out how to convince Pelin that they are meant for each other. However, will Ruzgar stand idly by and watch her world crumble?

Episode 64

Sinan’s return causes quite a stir, but some have their reservations. An emotional reunion awaits Meliha. Will Baris’ feelings for Pelin be reciprocated?

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Episode 65

Sinan stirs up drama when he returns to sign the restaurant’s contract. Tension brews between Hakan and Simay as she’s unhappy at work.

Episode 66

Suheyla encounters an unexpected guest. Simay receives a surprise offer, but at what cost? Sinan has a last-minute change of heart, leading to a stand-off with Pelin.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Episode 67

Sinan decides to stay and not sell Filiya. Pelin and Baris try to make him a counter offer he can’t refuse.

Episode 68

Sinan surprises Pelin with his decision. Bulent is disappointed in Basak. Meanwhile, Baris has a cunning plan to take over Filiya.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Episode 69

Baris hosts a party at his luxury home with mixed reviews. Tension mounts between Sinan and Pelin, while Sinan puts Baris in his place once and for all.

Episode 70

Baris makes Bülent an offer that Basak doesn’t want him to accept. Pelin is running the show at Filiya but is called away unexpectedly, leaving Bülent to step in.

Don’t miss the premiere episodes of “Soete Wraak” airing on eExtra on Sundays at 20:00.


The story in “Soete Wraak” keeps getting more exciting in Episode 65. We get to know our favorite characters better. Sinan’s arrival in town and his involvement in a restaurant deal stirs up tension and drama.

At the same time, Hakan and Simay have their differences in their work lives. Episode 66 is full of surprises and offers, leading to a big showdown between Sinan and Pelin.

The upcoming episodes will bring us lots of emotions and unexpected twists in the characters’ lives. We can’t wait to see what happens next in “Soete Wraak.”

Remember to watch it on eExtra every Sunday at 8:00 PM for the latest episodes of this gripping series.

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