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They Asked This Korean Man Marrying A Nigerian Woman To Sing One Nigerian Song… You Wont Believe What He Sang [Video]


In a heartwarming display of cross-cultural unity and love, a Korean man marrying a Nigerian woman recently embraced her culture in a truly memorable way.

During their wedding celebration, a moment unfolded that perfectly symbolized the merging of two distinct backgrounds.

When guests at the wedding asked the groom to sing a Nigerian song, he surprised everyone by starting to sing Wizkid’s popular hit, “Ojuelegba.”

Watch video below;

The wedding, already a joyous occasion, took a delightful turn when the Korean groom showcased his appreciation and respect for his Nigerian bride’s heritage.

Wizkid’s “Ojuelegba” is a beloved Nigerian song that resonates with many for its powerful lyrics and catchy melody.

For the groom to choose this particular song to sing was a touching gesture, and it demonstrated that Wizkid is a legend.