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Thierry Henry: “I told Mbappe that PSG was his team, only a fool would not realise this”


The former Arsenal player has all but confirmed that Kylian Mbappe will leave PSG at the end of the season. In fact, he believes he is destined for Real Madrid sooner or later.

At the broadcast of PSG v Madrid on CBS Sports, Thierry Henry touched on the future of Mbappe. The ex player believes that he will leave for Los Blancos, but revealed that he advised the Frenchman to stay in Paris

Towards the end of the broadcast, Henry revealed: “I was with him during an interview and I said to him: ‘This (PSG) is your team‘. And it surprised him when I told him this, but everyone knows it. You’d have to be a fool not to realise this. That is his team. And now, he’s proving it all the time.”

But Henry has little hope for what is to come at the Parc de Principes: “It’s dificult for me, because I’m French and I should want him to stay in Ligue 1. In a team like this. But for me, if they wanted to make sure Mbappe stayed, they should have done it two years ago. They didn’t show him any love, and now another team has. We don’t know which one it is… But I don’t believe he will stay”.

“I’m going to say something that perhaps you don’t know. At the start of the season, he hadn’t renewed, he wanted to leave and it looked like he had signed for Real Madrid. Or at least everyone thought he had signed for Real Madrid. They criticised him, the press attacked him and he never said a word. He was on the pitch and he was working, working hard, and he had his reward”, he concluded