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This Is Why Bimbo Ademoye Only Talks About Her Dad And Not Her Mum


In a revealing interview with media personality Hauwa Magaji, Nigerian actress Bimbo Ademoye shared a deeply personal aspect of her life.

During the interview, Bimbo spoke about her experiences with betrayal, with her first encounter with this painful emotion occurring when she was just a toddler of two years old.

The source of this betrayal was none other than her own mother, who walked out of her life at that tender age.

This disclosure came as a surprise to many, as Bimbo had been primarily celebrating her father on social media, leading some to question her relationship with her mother.

Clarifying her stance on her mother’s presence in her life, Bimbo explained, “My mother is very much alive and resides just fifteen to twenty minutes away from me.”

“We just don’t have a friendship. My mum left when I was two and so the betrayal, my first ever betrayal came from my mother. I tried to build a relationship with her..right now we have a relationship as I am doing my duties as a child, paying the rent and allowance and all, and that’s about what we have.

“I am very okay with that. I am okay with the no friendship, no closeness zone that we are in for my mental health and for my own sanity”

Watch a video of her speaking below…

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