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“This Picture Shames Britain” Piers Morgan Slams Brits Who Are Stockpiling For Making it Difficult For Vulnerable People to Have What They Need


Piers Morgan has shared a heartbreaking photo of an elderly woman looking confused when she went shopping but found the shelves empty.

People have been panic buying amid the Coronavirus crisis and the resultant social distancing, so that they can have enough for the period they will be staying at home.

Unfortunately, this action means that the sick, poor, and elderly who didn’t go shopping earlier do not have enough to live on.

TV host Piers Morgan shared a photo to show the effect of stockpiling on the vulnerable in society.

He captioned it: “This picture shames Britain. Stop stockpiling. Stop being so damn selfish, and let those most at risk get what they need. Remember what they’ve done for all of us!!!”

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