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Tony Hawk Net Worth: Skateboarding Business, Video Games, And Bitcoin Trading


American skateboarder Tony Hawk has a net worth of $190 million. Tony Hawk earns $25 million annually through his Skateboard business, Video Games, and Bitcoin trading. 

Tony Hawk Net Worth: Skateboarding Business, Video Games, And Bitcoin Trading in The Spotlight

Undoubtedly, he holds the title of the most decorated and highest-earning professional skateboarder in history.

Beyond amassing wealth through endorsements, tournament prizes, appearance fees, and more throughout his illustrious career, Hawk’s colossal fortune is primarily attributed to his self-titled video game, a global revenue-generating phenomenon that has amassed billions.

Tony Hawk’s financial success has been a constant throughout his life. Even during his teenage years as a skateboarding prodigy, he raked in substantial earnings, surpassing $100,000 annually from prizes and sponsorships.

Notably, in high school, Hawk’s income far exceeded that of his teachers. His financial prowess was evident when, as a high school senior, he purchased a house for his family.

Tony Hawk Net Worth

Net Worth$190 Million
Annual Income$25 Million
Monthly Earnings$1.8 Million
Bitcoin Investments$16 Million
Real Estate Assets$41 Million

Early Life

Anthony Frank Hawk, born on May 12, 1968, in San Diego, California, discovered his passion for skateboarding at the age of eight.

His older brother gifted him a used skateboard, providing an outlet for his excess energy and marking the beginning of his remarkable journey in the skateboarding world.


At just 14, Hawk signed with Powell Peralta‘s professional team, featuring prominently in Bones Brigade videos.

Known initially as a premier street skater, he successfully showcased his “vert” (vertical) skills throughout the ’80s and ’90s. By age 16, he stood as one of the world’s top skateboarders, dominating competitions and inventing iconic moves like the ollie-to-Indy and the frontside 540-rodeo flip.

Hawk’s fame skyrocketed when he became the National Skateboard Association world champion for 12 consecutive years.

His most famous achievement came in 1999 at the X Games, where he landed the first-ever documented 900, a revolutionary skateboard maneuver.

Endorsements and Appearances

Tony Hawk’s influence extends beyond skateboarding. Despite skateboarding’s temporary decline in the early ’90s, Hawk’s entrepreneurial spirit thrived.

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He founded Birdhouse, a skateboard company, Blitz, a distribution company, and Hawk Clothing. His collaboration with Activision for the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video game series, launched in 1998, became a massive success, grossing over $1.4 billion.

Tony Hawk’s Assets

Vehicles27 Luxury Cars
Real Estate10 Houses & Mansions
Luxury Yachts4
Planes1 Private Jet
Luxury Watches150+
Monthly Spends$1.2 Million
Annual Donations$5 Million

Hawk diversified his appearances, featuring in movies, TV series, and even creating the Boom Boom HuckJam, a unique sports and music show.


Beyond skateboarding, Hawk delved into investments, notably in ventures like Birdhouse Skateboards, Hawk Clothing, and 900 films.

As an early investor in Blue Bottle Coffee, he reaped benefits when it was acquired for $500 million in 2017. Hawk’s diversified investments include shares in Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, JPMorgan, and Verizon.


Tony Hawk is committed to giving back. In 2002, he established the Tony Hawk Foundation (now The Skatepark Project) to address the lack of safe skateparks in the U.S.

The foundation has contributed over $5.8 million to 596 skatepark projects. Hawk’s philanthropic efforts extend to co-founding Athletes for Hope and supporting community programs.

Personal Life

Hawk’s personal life includes four marriages and three divorces, with substantial settlements paid to ex-wives.

Despite challenges, Hawk maintains a close-knit family, residing in Encinitas, California. His son, Riley Hawk, follows in his father’s footsteps as a sponsored skateboarder.

Tony Hawk’s Bitcoin

Hawk’s foresight in investing is evident in his early adoption of Bitcoin. Purchasing $1 million worth in 2014, he later sold 75%, making a significant profit.

While successful with Bitcoin, Hawk faced losses in Dogecoin, experiencing a $1.5 million setback.

Net Worth Timeline

Tony Hawk Net Worth 2023$190 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 2015$145 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 2010$72 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 2005$41 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 2000$20 Million
Tony Hawk Net Worth 1995$8 Million

Tony Hawk’s House

Living in a luxurious 10-bedroom mansion in California, Hawk’s residence, purchased for $34 million, contributes to 25% of his net worth.

Boasting lavish amenities, including a skating rink, gaming room, and a 50-car parking garage, the house reflects Hawk’s success and style.

In conclusion, Tony Hawk’s legacy extends beyond skateboarding, encompassing entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and smart investments, making him a multifaceted icon in popular culture.