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Alejandra Quiroz Biography: Hidden Facts About The Ecuadorian Adult Film Star, Age, Career, Nude, New Worth And Controversy


Lately, many OnlyFans creators have had their lives change dramatically, going from struggling to thriving, and Alejandra Quiroz is no exception.

Alejandra Quiroz Biography: Untold Story About The Ecuadorian Adult Film Star, Age, Career, Nude, New Worth And Controversy

This beautiful woman from Ecuador has experienced a big improvement in her finances ever since she began creating special content on the adult platform.

At the moment, she’s attracting more and more fans on different social media sites and becoming increasingly popular on OnlyFans as a highly sought-after model.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into Quiroz’s life and discover more about her path as an emerging influencer and adult model.

Alejandra Quiroz Profile Summary

Full NameAlejandra Quiroz
Date of BirthJanuary 13, 1995
BirthplacePortoviejo, Manabi, Ecuador
Current ResidenceUSA
Social Media Presence– TikTok: 5.3 million followers
– Instagram: 449,000 followers (as of the last update)
Online Presence– TikTok for lip-syncing and dance videos
– Instagram for modeling and beauty content
– Facebook for hairstyling and makeup videos
– Twitter (original account no longer exists)
OnlyFans Username@alejandraquiroz.oficial
OnlyFans Subscription$20 per month (as of 2022)
Total Likes on OnlyFans16,500 likes (as of 2022)
Net WorthEstimated between $100,000 to $600,000
FamilyKeeps family life private
Age28 years (as of the last update)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Instagram Accounts1. @alejandraquirozof (62,000 followers)
2. @alejandraquiroz.f (15,800 followers)

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Alejandra Quiroz’s Biography

Alejandra Quiroz is a famous fitness model and social media influencer from Ecuador, widely adored for her engaging online presence.

Alejandra Quiroz Biography: Untold Story About The Ecuadorian Adult Film Star, Age, Career, Nude, New Worth And Controversy

Born on January 13, 1995, in Portoviejo, Manabi, Ecuador, she now resides in the USA, at the age of 27.

Alejandra stands at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs 130 pounds (59 kg), sporting brown hair and captivating hazel eyes. She takes pride in her Ecuadorian heritage and Latina ethnicity.

While she prefers to keep her family life private, her journey into the realms of fitness and beauty is nothing short of inspiring.

She nurtured her passion for fitness from a young age and began sharing her workout routines and attractive photos on Instagram just for fun.

Her Instagram page swiftly gathered thousands of followers, which sparked her decision to become an online fitness influencer.

Beyond her social media presence, Alejandra actively engages in charitable work, collaborating with organizations like Kasterway to support those in need, be it people or animals.

Additionally, her love for beauty and fashion motivated her to pursue hairstyling and makeup artistry, for which she holds professional certifications, occasionally showcasing her expertise through videos on Facebook.

Alejandra Quiroz’s Career

Alejandra initially gained online recognition for her content covering fitness, beauty, and Instagram modeling. With an impressive 5.3 million TikTok followers and 449,000 Instagram fans, her popularity continues to soar.

Alejandra Quiroz Biography: Untold Story About The Ecuadorian Adult Film Star, Age, Career, Nude, New Worth And Controversy

Her career took an extraordinary turn when she boldly left her traditional job as a bricklayer in Ecuador, where she earned £9 per hour, in pursuit of a better life in the United States. There, she began building her online presence by posting alluring content and collaborating with fellow Instagram influencers.

Over time, her fame grew, and she seized the opportunity to create an OnlyFans account, where she began sharing exclusive content for a fee. This new venture proved to be highly lucrative, enabling her to transition from a modest background to the lavish lifestyle she now enjoys.

However, Alejandra’s journey to stardom has not been without critics, as some social media users have raised concerns about the revealing content she shares on platforms like OnlyFans.

In response, Alejandra has firmly stated, “I’m not here to harm anyone. If you don’t like my content, you can simply move on and do your thing. There’s no need for offensive comments.”

Alejandra Quiroz maintains a strong online presence across various social media platforms, where she showcases her talents and passions. She entertains her 4.6 million TikTok followers with lip-syncing and dance videos.

Her Instagram account remains active, despite her original account being deleted due to a private video going viral in April 2022. She also maintains a presence on Facebook and Twitter, though her original Twitter account no longer exists.

Alejandra Quiroz on OnlyFans

Alejandra is highly active on the media-sharing platform under the username @alejandraquiroz.oficial.

Alejandra Quiroz Biography: Untold Story About The Ecuadorian Adult Film Star, Age, Career, Nude, New Worth And Controversy

For those interested in her exclusive content, she offers an OnlyFans account accessible to subscribers. As of 2022, her monthly subscription fee is $20, and she has amassed a total of 16,500 likes across all her content.

Alejandra Quiroz’s Net Worth

Alejandra derives her income from various sources, including her work as an OnlyFans content creator, fitness modeling, and social media influencing. Her current net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $600,000.

Alejandra Quiroz’s Family and Age

Alejandra prefers to keep her family life private, sharing minimal details about her relatives on her social media platforms.

Her focus remains primarily on her career and content. According to her date of birth on January 13, 1995, she is currently 28 years old, with her zodiac sign being Capricorn.

Alejandra Quiroz on Instagram

Alejandra manages two active Instagram accounts under the usernames @alejandraquirozof and @alejandraquiroz.f. The first account primarily features captivating videos created using TikTok, often showcasing her in alluring and skin-baring styles, boasting 62,000 dedicated followers.

Her posts receive active engagement from admirers, evident in the lively discussions and comments in the comment section.

The second account focuses on sharing more pictures and currently has 15,800 followers.