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Betsy Berardi: Hidden Facts About Sammy Hagar’s Ex-Wife, Age, Career, Net Worth And Controversy


Betsy Berardi, the ex-wife of the American singer-songwriter Sammy Hagar, became famous when she tied the knot with the musician. Sammy Hagar is well-known as the frontman of the rock band Van Halen and has produced hit albums like Three Lock Box and Red Voodoo.

Betsy Berardi Everything You Need To Know About Sammy Hagar's Ex-Wife, Age, Career, Net Worth And Controversy

Even though Betsy and Sammy parted ways a while back, people and the media still consider her a celebrity. So, what’s her life like these days, and did she get married again after the divorce? In this article, we’ll delve into different aspects of her life, covering her career and relationships.

Betsy Bell Berardi Profile Summary

Full NameBetsy Bell Berardi
Birth DateOctober 26, 1948
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
Age (as of 2021)74 years old
EducationCompleted high school in Los Angeles
Marriage to Sammy HagarMarried on November 3, 1968
Children– Aaron Hagar (born February 24, 1970)
– Andrew Hagar (born 1984)
Marriage Duration26 years, divorced in 1994
Life in 2021Resides in Mill Valley, California
Enjoys gardening and spending time with her sons
Sons’ Occupations– Aaron owns Hagar’s Rat Runners Garage
– Andrew is a singer and songwriter
Relationship StatusNo indications of remarriage or dating
Social MediaActive on Instagram as “Betsy Bell”
Instagram followers: Approximately 500

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Betsy Berardi’s Early Life:

Betsy Berardi was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 26, 1948, to parents with the last name McCray. In 2020, she turned 74 years old, and her original name was Betsy Bell Berardi.

Betsy Berardi Everything You Need To Know About Sammy Hagar's Ex-Wife, Age, Career, Net Worth And Controversy

She spent most of her childhood in Los Angeles and had a close relationship with her parents, though they are no longer with us. Betsy finished her high school education in Los Angeles.

While in college, she met her partner, and they eventually got married.

Betsy Berardi’s Marriage to Sammy Hagar:

As mentioned before, Betsy was once married to the singer and songwriter Sammy Hagar. They got married on November 3, 1968, in California in a small ceremony. When they wed, Betsy was just 21 years old, likely still in college.

Betsy Berardi Everything You Need To Know About Sammy Hagar's Ex-Wife, Age, Career, Net Worth And Controversy

Around two years into their marriage, she gave birth to their first child, Aaron Hagar, on February 24, 1970. After a 14-year gap, she welcomed her second son, Andrew Hagar, in 1984.

Despite their initial connection, Betsy’s marriage with Sammy ended. After 26 years of marriage, they divorced in 1994. The main reason for their divorce was Sammy Hagar’s relationship with Kari Karte, whom he met in December 1991 and later married.

Betsy Berardi’s Life in 2021:

In 2021, Betsy is doing well and lives in Mill Valley, California, surrounded by nature. She has her garden where she primarily grows flowers. She also spends time with her children, Aaron and Andrew.

Both of her sons have successful lives. Aaron owns Hagar’s Rat Runners Garage, specializing in preserving old cars and modifications. Her younger son, Andrew, follows in his father Sammy’s footsteps as a singer and songwriter.

Betsy maintains a close relationship with her sons. In 2020, both of her kids celebrated her 70th birthday with her, and she shared a photo from the celebration on her Instagram.

Betsy Berardi’s Relationship Status:

It seems that Betsy Berardi has not remarried since her divorce from Sammy Hagar in 1994. There are no indications of her dating anyone since then, and her social media profiles don’t suggest any romantic involvement.

Betsy Berardi Everything You Need To Know About Sammy Hagar's Ex-Wife, Age, Career, Net Worth And Controversy

Since she hasn’t made any statements about her current relationship status, it is safe to assume that she is single and not dating anyone. However, we hope she might discuss her love life after her marriage ended in the future.

Sammy Hagar’s Second Marriage:

After divorcing Betsy, Sammy Hagar married Kari Karte in 1994. Kari is a producer known for her work on films like “Ram Dass: Going Home.” They have two children together, Samantha Hagar, born in 2001, and Kama Hagar, born in 1996, and maintain a good relationship with both of their kids.

Betsy Berardi on Social Media:

Over the years, Betsy has kept a low profile but remains active on Instagram. As of 2021, you can find her on Instagram under the username “Betsy Bell,” where she shares insights into her personal life. She has just over 500 followers on her Instagram account.