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Brooke Daniells Biography: Exploring The Life of Catherine Bell’s Girlfriend


Brooke Daniells gained global recognition when her relationship with American actress Catherine Bell captured media attention worldwide.

Brooke Daniells Biography: Exploring The Life of Catherine Bell's Girlfriend

Daniells is not only a renowned, award-winning photographer but has also been featured in national publications.

In addition to being Catherine Bell’s partner, Daniells actively participates in co-parenting the children Bell had with her ex-husband and a man she dated before her first marriage.

Furthermore, Bell ensures her ex-husband fulfills his paternal responsibilities towards their shared children.

Despite this, Daniells’ mother, Penny Atwell, reportedly does not approve of their relationship. Rumors suggest that Daniells was previously married to an unidentified soldier.

Profile Summary

Full NameBrooke Daniells
Year of Birth1970s
Place of BirthUSA
Age50s as of 2020
CareerScientologist, Photographer, Events Planner
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
Marital StatusSingle
Height5 feet and 10 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde

Brooke Daniells: Age, Early Years, and Education

Ever wondered about Brooke Daniells’s age? Catherine Bell’s partner is in her 50s, born in the USA in the 1970s.

Raised in the same country, she embarked on her academic journey at Sam Houston State University in 1991, pursuing a degree in psychology.

The daughter of a photographer, Daniells developed a passion for photography at a young age, a craft that distinguishes her, although her pictures are not as readily available online as those of her famous wife.

Brooke Daniells: Career and Achievements

Brooke Daniells carved her path into the world of Scientology, a religious system founded by L. Ron Hubbard.

Beyond her spiritual pursuits, Daniells also boasts a diverse professional background. She was a beauty queen, winning the Miss Texas USA title at 23.

Acting in various low to mid-budget movies, including the 2009 Indie drama “Change of Life,” she showcased her talents. Standing tall at 5 feet 10 inches, Daniells also has a 25-inch waistline and a 34-inch hip size.

Brooke Daniells in Los Angeles: Personal and Professional Life

In 2012, Daniells crossed paths with her life partner while working as a Psychiatrist at the Industry of Death Museum in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

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Presently, she balances her time as a part-time event planner and photographer. Daniells has organized successful photography exhibitions nationwide, working with models of all ages and genders, capturing the beauty of natural destinations.

Brooke Daniells’ Contributions in the Film Industry

As per her IMDB profile, Daniells is not only in front of the camera but also behind it. She writes and produces her films, including “The Apology Dance” (2010), “Last Breath” (2010), and “Vanguard Dispatch” (2005).

The founder of Brooke Daniells Photography, she incorporates her fashion and art knowledge into her photoshoots, creating empowering experiences for her clients.

Brooke Daniells Biography: Exploring The Life of Catherine Bell's Girlfriend

Catherine Bell: The Woman in Brooke Daniells’ Life

Catherine Lisa Bell, born on 14th August 1968 in London, England, holds a significant place in Brooke Daniells’ life.

Raised by her Iranian mother and Scottish father, Catherine’s early life led her from a Catholic high school in Los Angeles to pursuing a career in modeling in Japan and eventually studying acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Catherine Bell’s Personal Journey

Before gaining fame in the film industry, Catherine worked as a massage therapist for eight years. Her first marriage to Adam Beason, a film writer and producer, began in 1994 and ended in 2015, resulting in two children.

Following their divorce, Catherine and her kids moved in with Brooke Daniells in Hidden Hills, Los Angeles, in 2012.

Brooke Daniells Net Worth and Relationship

Wondering about Brooke Daniells’ net worth? While her partner, Catherine Bell, boasts a net worth of $15 million, Daniells is valued at $1 million, primarily sourced from her involvement in Scientology.

Despite the financial difference, the couple shares a strong and happy bond, living peacefully without any publicized scandals or signs of separation.

In conclusion, Brooke Daniells and Catherine Bell continue to radiate happiness, and their enduring relationship remains free from the shadows of controversies or rumors.