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Connor Bird Biography: Navigating Fame in The Shadow Of Larry Bird’s Basketball Legacy


Connor Bird, the son of former NBA player Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly, keeps a low profile despite his father’s basketball legacy.

Connor Bird Biography: Navigating Fame in The Shadow Of Larry Bird's Basketball Legacy

While Larry Bird’s name echoes through basketball history, his children, including Connor, live a relatively ordinary life away from the spotlight.

Despite not sharing the same level of fame as their father, Larry maintains a happy relationship with his kids.

Although Connor and his sister’s names don’t dominate headlines, there have been a few moments in the mainstream media that shed light on their lives.

Explore some of Connor’s memorable moments in the gallery below. Delve into his life story, career, current whereabouts, and the latest on his personal life.

Despite the lack of constant media attention, there’s more to discover about the son of the basketball legend.

Profile Summary

Full NameConnor Bird
Birth NameConnor Bird
ProfessionCelebrity Son
Birth CountryUSA
Father NameLarry Bird
Father ProfessionFormer player
Mother NameDinah Mattingly
Mother ProfessionHousewife
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusSingle

Connor Bird Biography

Born in 1992, Connor Bird is the adopted son of former small forward Larry Bird and his wife Dinah. His early years may have included attending Indiana University.

Connor spent part of his childhood in Naples, Florida, after Larry Bird’s departure from the Celtics. During this time, he often watched Miami Heat games with his father.

Larry Bird, the Indiana Pacers’ special advisor, and Dinah Mattingly, his adoptive parents, tied the knot in October 1989 after meeting at Indiana State University.

Despite having no biological children, they expanded their family by adopting Connor and Mariah.

Standing at six feet nine inches, Connor has not disclosed the identity of his biological parents. He was a toddler during Larry Bird’s Olympic gold medal campaign in 1992.

Connor Bird Siblings

Connor has two siblings, Mariah Bird, and Corrie Bird, along with a half-sister, Corrie Bird. Mariah, a real estate agent and manager, graduated with honors from Indiana University Bloomington and previously worked for PS&E.

Bird’s attorneys requested a paternity test for Corrie, Connor’s half-sister, who was later confirmed to be Larry’s child. However, Larry had limited contact with her, a decision he acknowledges haunts him.

Connor Bird’s Father, Larry Bird

Larry Bird, born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, to Georgia and Claude Joseph “Joe” Bird, is a Korean War veteran. Connor’s adoptive grandparents had Irish, Scottish, and Native American ancestry.

Connor Bird FATHER Larry Bird

Larry, driven by his childhood poverty, became a basketball legend. His father, Joe, tragically took his life after divorcing Georgia.

In February 2013, Connor gained media attention when he was arrested at Indiana University for allegedly trying to run over a former girlfriend with his car.

He faced charges including battery, criminal mischief, intimidation with a deadly weapon, and marijuana possession.

Connor Bird was found guilty in April 2014, with a deferred sentence agreement and a plea to criminal recklessness.

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The court would dismiss the case if he completed a 12-month compliance agreement without further legal issues.

What Is Connor Bird Up To These Days?

Since his second hearing in mid-2014, Connor has kept a low profile. Details about his recent activities, relationships, or social media presence remain elusive.

A Net Worth Comparison Of Connor Bird And His Father

Larry Bird, with a net worth exceeding $75 million, earned from NBA salaries, endorsements, and post-playing roles, lived a simple life. In contrast, Connor’s net worth remains unknown, given his limited media presence.

Did Connor Bird Play Basketball Professionally?

While Connor was a fan of the NBA and the Pacers, it’s unclear if he played professionally. Despite being the son of an NBA Hall of Famer, he remains relatively unknown.

In conclusion, Connor Bird’s life has been marked by his adoption into the Bird family, legal troubles in 2013, and subsequent low-key existence, leaving many aspects of his life shrouded in mystery.