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Cristiano Ronaldo Must Accept £62.5m Transfer, Wage Cut or Leave Juventus For free in 2022


According to media reports in Italy, football star Cristiano Ronaldo has been told by Juventus chiefs that he could be sold this summer for £62.5m in order for the club to balance it’s financial books due to the financial losses accrued from the Coronavirus pandemic in Italy.

Italy is the worst hit country in the world, with official figures of Coronavirus deaths totaling 11,500 and the resultant effects of Covid-1 has driven the Italian economy into shambles.

In order to deal with their financial losses, Juventus Football club has offered starman Ronald three options in order to save the club from extinction.

Ronaldo – who has 53 goals in 75 Juve appearances may be sold when the transfer window reopens or the club could offer him another option that could see Ronaldo’s bosses at Juve try and convince him to take a dramatic pay cut from 2022 onwards when he will be 37.

According to Italian media reports, the other option being reviewed by Juve could be to let Ronaldo’s deal run its course and opt against offering him a new deal by 2022.

Ronaldo currently earns £510,000 per week at Juventus and agreed alongside his teammates to forego four months salary to help the club financially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If Ronaldo opts to leave Juve rather than accept a wage cut, he won’t be short of suitors even at age 35… With Manchester United, PSG, Manchester City and Chelsea known admirers.