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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mum Released From Hospital… After Suffering A Stroke


Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum, Dolores Aveiro has been released from the hospital after suffering a stroke.

Dolores Aveiro, 65, was released nearly two weeks after medics at Madeira’s Nelio Mendonca Hospital saved her life.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, she wrote: ‘I am lucky to have the opportunity to live to love my family and have them close to me.

Thank you to everyone for their support and affection. These have been difficult days but of struggle and victory.

‘Now I’m at home surrounded by the love of my family, my good energy. I will stay here as I like to but always looking after myself first. Everything will be fine.’

‘You thought I wouldn’t come back but I returned slowly, softly, calmly and with peace in my heart.’

‘I also returned with a thought in the form of a message – why judge the colour of one’s skin, the clothes or shoes people use or the way they look. We are nothing when it comes to life, we are simple, pedestrians in this world.

‘Life is a lesson and we just have to value it and be thankful for everything. And have faith in God that everything will turn out okay,’ she added.

While her current whereabouts remain unknown, local reports say she cannot have any contact with Cristiano, 35, or her grandchildren because of the coronavirus crisis.

The Juventus star is currently self-isolating with his family at his seaside mansion by the Atlantic Ocean in Funchal.