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Destined by fate update Tuesday 23 January 2024


Destined by fate update Tuesday 23 January 2024: On this day, January 23, 2024, fate took an unexpected turn as the police arrived, prompting everyone to scatter. Sayuri and Kanha sighed in relief, but their relief was short-lived when they realized Chaman was missing, causing concern for Sayuri. Worried about their safety, Kanha urged Sayuri to leave. Back at home, Saroj fretted over Rashmi, who had gone to meet Rashmi in jail.

Destined by fate update Tuesday 23 January 2024

Dhanraj reassured Saroj not to panic, emphasizing Nakul’s sensible decision-making. Saroj, however, pointed fingers at the sisters, blaming them for the chaos and accusing them of ruining their family lines. She claimed Kanha had lost his senses in Sayuri’s love. Dhanraj countered that they were content with their children now. Saroj questioned which child he was referring to and expressed suspicion about Kuku’s lineage. Dadi Mausi intervened, shouting at Saroj to stop.

Despite the warning, Saroj continued to criticize the Sharma sisters. Indu, unable to tolerate it any longer, shouted at her to stop, shocking everyone. Indu confronted Saroj for the hatred in her heart, accusing her kids of disrupting their peaceful lives. Saroj persisted in blaming the Sharmas, and Indu pleaded with her to stop, citing her own humiliations in the house.

Indu revealed they stayed with them because Kanha insisted, clarifying they hadn’t stayed for free and had worked hard to care for the kids. Saroj demanded they leave, and Indu agreed to prepare to leave once Kanha and Sayuri returned. Meanwhile, Chaman’s man found her belongings on the road, wondering where she was.

Dadi Mausi scolded Saroj for revealing family matters in front of everyone. Saroj apologized and inquired about the result. Dadi informed her that it was delayed and asked her to wait. Later, when Kanha and Sayuri returned home, they found Indu and Dadi with their luggage. Confused, Kanha asked what was happening, and they explained they were going to a relative’s place and wouldn’t be coming back. Despite Kanha and Sayuri’s attempts to stop them, Indu and Dadi left.

While leaving, Indu warned Saroj. Sayuri and Kanha discovered Chaman hiding behind the car, claiming to be scared, and pleaded to stay for a few days. Reluctantly, Sayuri and Kanha agreed to let her stay.


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