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Destined by fate update Monday 22 January 2024


Destined by fate update Monday 22 January 2024: On January 22, 2024, destiny took its course as Kanha approached Chaman Bahara, introducing himself as Dhanraj’s son and Nakul’s brother. He explained their previous business interactions and earnestly pleaded with Chaman to release them. Sayuri joined in, seeking Chaman’s agreement.

Destined by fate update Monday 22 January 2024

Ultimately, Chaman agreed, instructing her aides to escort them out. However, Rashmi, not ready to accept defeat, feigned sadness and requested one last chance. Nakul, unswayed, declared their relationship over and sternly warned her not to look at him or his family again. Unfazed, Rashmi vowed to implement her Plan B.

As Kanha and Sayuri left with Chaman’s aides, she resumed her normal demeanor, dancing and bewildering her enemies. Upon their return and taunts with money, Chaman revealed a poisonous hairpin and escaped, leading the goons on a chase.

Meanwhile, on their way home, Kanha and Sayuri were stopped by Chaman, who claimed she needed protection from the pursuing goons. Sayuri questioned her identity and origin, but Chaman, pretending fear, begged them to take her away. Kanha offered water, while Sayuri suggested calling the police. Chaman insisted she had no weapons and, once inside the car, professed innocence.

However, the goons caught up, surrounding the car and demanding Chaman be handed over. Kanha, determined, refused, leading to a scuffle. Chaman was dragged out, and Kanha instructed Sayuri to stay in the car. As the goons attacked Kanha, Sayuri threw a stone, temporarily disrupting them. Impressed, Chaman praised their love. The situation intensified as the goons threatened to use petrol.


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